Importance Sampling, Trivialized

Algebraic manipulation is always a fun way to make something profound seem like mere trickery.

I No Longer Like Python's Boolean Comparisons

1 or 2 # returns 1, not True
(1 or 1) == True # returns False

Fixing Annoying Issue With Matplotlib Pyplot In macOS

Running causes all sorts of issues on macOS. To fix them, switch your matplotlib backend to something besides MacOSX. I used Qt5Agg.

Some Things Don't Change

From I Want to be a Mathematician, Paul Halmos’s autobiography.

Deep Learning Book Chapter 11 Notes

Understanding the fundamentals in chapter 5, especially over and underfitting, really pays off. This chapter is really easy to read if you can even half-remember those earlier sections.

Best Advice I Ever Got About Doing Math

I’m glad I read this early on, because it’s kept me going ever since.

Matrix Calculus

This is a topic near to my heart, in the same way that an old bullet stuck in your chest is.

Postmodern Mathematics

Why do we care about true statements?

Why are we privileging truth over falsity? There’s nothing inherently better about inconsistent models.

Deep Learning Book Chapter 1 Notes

Started shallow, going deep.

Let's Write a Genetic Algorithm

I’ll be assuming that you know what these terms mean:

Yet Another Example of Linear Functions Being Special Snowflakes

Finding the rank of a matrix (a.k.a a linear function) can be done in polynomial time (\(O(n^3)\)).

Math Is Not A Spectator Sport

It is very difficult to enjoy or appreciate mathematics in a purely passive way—in mathematics there is no real analogy of the role of the spectator, audience, or viewer.

Question Words

In Hindi and English, question words both have repetitive structure.

2 Years Without Soap Or Shampoo: An Update

In December 2014, I stopped using soap and shampoo. 2 and a half years later, I can confirm that it was a good decision, as my skin has cleared up, my hair is much shinier, and I don’t feel oily at all. Plus, it’s one less thing to pack.

One Use For Quotients

If a function almost has some nice property, you can quotient out by that property to make that nice property true.

Levels of Showing Off

Showing that you’re better than your perceived peers is hard work.