Cooking vs. Baking

I love to cook, but I hate baking.


Today, I managed to impress and possibly freak out one of my coworkers.

Handy UNIX tools

autojump and fasd are incredible. Walking the UNIX tree (OK, it’s actually a DAG with symlinks) is pretty much trivial.

I'm Not Even Mad

I just got a great practical lesson on the art of salesmanship.

Writing Neater

Besides (finally) learning how to touch type, I’ve been training myself to write neater.

Touch Typing Progress Report and Recommendation

Two months ago, my typing speed was about 20 wpm (words per minute.) Now, I’m up to almost 50 wpm, and can do 60 in short bursts. My accuracy is pretty high. Only about 4% of my keystrokes are the wrong ones.

East Coast vs. West Coast: Over-generalizations and stereotypes

Some differences:

Some Observations About Metal Music

As a fan of metal music, I’ve noticed some traits peculiar to the genre and its fans.

A Love Letter to the Apple 30 Inch Cinema Display

This affair started quickly, but I knew it was love when I first saw it. A friend of mine first introduced us.

Dimmer switches are the best way to make a room look nice for cheap

I used to think dimmer switches were pointless. Consequently, I went through 20 years of life without ever using them.

Mastery and Menswear

Since freshman year of high school, I’ve always dressed rather classically. In practice, that means I have far more suits than the average college student or Silicon Valley resident ever would consider.


Especially in Silicon Valley, we hear about the benefits of meditation.