Minimal Surfaces

GPT-4 did this in 1 shot.

November 2, 2023

Been going through Mosteller’s 50 challenging problems in probability.

NTK reparametrization

I’ve been learning about the neural tangent kernel and some things confused me.

Kate from Vancouver, please email me

You replied to my dissection post and I decided then that I wished to be your friend. You didn’t leave your email, but asked how old I was in earth years. My email is, please reach out if you see this.

ChatGPT Session: Emotions, Etymology, Hyperfiniteness

List as many emotions as you can. Then list their etymologies

Some ChatGPT Sessions

No particular theme. Quoted text is me, rest is GPT.

2016 ML thoughts

(Old notes from 2016 that I stumbled upon).

My biggest takeaway from Redwood Research REMIX

I just finished a 1 month research program called REMIX (Redwood Research Mechanistic Interpretability Experiment).

finite, actual infinity, potential infinity

For a finite set, one can describe a uniform distribution. There isn’t a natural way to do so for a countable set. But for a hyperfinite set, one can describe a uniform distribution through a probability density. So in some ways the countable is “bigger”.

Actions and Flows

What is an action?

PSA: reward is part of the habit loop too

The usual setup of a habit is

a kernel of lie theory

just like how infinitesimals are useful because they’re indiscernible from 0, but have the advantage of being able to be divided by.

The hyperfinite timeline

Take an interval. Cut it into H pieces, where H is hyperfinite. This serves as the index set of a stochastic process, among many other uses. Imagine that for each of the H steps, you flip a coin to get -1 or +1. Then move an infinitesimal distance left or right based on the sign. This is Brownian motion. Each infinitesimal piece of the timeline is profitably thought of as a Planck time.

Slick hyperfinite Ramsey theory proof

Blog power laws

Gaoxing Guy

August 2016: Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan Province, China[^maybe it should be timespace instead of spacetime, better to put the time first, what if the place identifier no longer exists? Plus timestamps are orderable.]

What it's like to dissect a cadaver