DEDRM tutorial

What this is

DeDRM is a tool for removing DRM. Its creator, Apprentice Alf, deserves our thanks. I’ll show how to set it up with calibre.

Why this is

I don’t believe in DeDRM. I believe that if I own something, I should have full control over it. I also like being able to read on other devices without arbitrary rules about how I can read them. Plenty of company seem to disagree with me here, but luckily I don’t have to listen to them about this. And if one of them decides to wipe my books for this article, well, I have backups. No thanks to them.


  • basic knowledge of the command line
  • DRMed books that you want to free.
  • calibre
  • DEDRM (install instructions below)

Here’s a gist if you prefer that.

Checklist of Instructions

  • Download the first zip on this page to any directory.
  • Unzip it.

  • go to calibre
  • go to Preferences (press Cmd + ,)
  • Plugins (bottom left)
  • load plugin from file (bottom right)
  • enter the unzipped directory you made earlier
  • enter the one directory that has the phrase calibre in it
  • select it.
  • Confirm you really want this.
  • Profit

  • go back to Preferences
  • adding books
  • automatically adding (top left)
  • set to ~/books or whatever you please
  • make sure check for duplicates is checked
  • More profit

  • go to following directory (if you’re on a Mac, else google it)
$HOME/Library/Containers/\ Support/Kindle/My\ Kindle\ Content/

Copy ebooks into your auto-add directory and they’ll be stripped of DRM automatically. Every time you want to strip the DRM for new books, just repeat this step.

mkdir -p "$HOME/books"
cp *.{azw,azw3,mobi} "$HOME/books"
  • Profit.

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