Why Saudi Arabia's Future Doesn't Look Good


Saudi Arabia did not legally abolish slavery until 1962.

Oil Revenue

Oil revenues are over 80% of tax revenue and over 90% of export earnings. If oil ever becomes unpopular and if Saudi Arabia does not take steps to combat that, they will have to start imposing taxes on a lot of things that of never been taxed before. I doubt this will make their citizens all that happy.


The educational system is mostly focused on rote memorization. Few college degrees beyond Islamic studies are offered. Technical education is among the worst in the world (see below).

Technical workforce

Over 90% of technical jobs are held by expatriates. Only 3% of them stay longer than 6 years.** This is crazy.** That means that virtually no Saudis have a job that requires any technical skill. In fact, few have any job.

Migrant workers

Migrant workers from India fill pretty much every other role in Saudi Arabia. Only 1 in 3 native Saudi males have a job. I’m only considering male employment because of the next point.


I think everything to say about Saudi Arabia and woman’s rights has already been said before, so I’ll leave it at that.

Religious fundamentalism

The Wahhabi sect that is in power in Saudi Arabia is especially fundamentalist, and its continuous existence in power is rather disturbing.

Beheading and public stoning

People can still be beheaded. There’s a royal executioner.

You can also be punished for sorcery.

There is also amputation and lashing.

Perhaps most notable is crucifixion. I think only North Korea could match Saudi Arabia for that, with punishments such as being executed by an anti-aircraft cannon. Though even that’s less painful.

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