Memories True to Roads Anew: Dragonfruits and War Museums

Did you know Vietnamese has never had its own native alphabet? They were all based off Chinese characters.

That was my version of “hi”. Koli lost it then, laughing hysterically. He eventually calmed down enough to say it was good to see some parts of me hadn’t changed in the year since I last saw him.

The hotel room had a complimentary plate of dragonfruits, which Koli had already ate. He said he was going to eat 100 before the week was out, since they were so cheap there.

You wanna bet that you’ll actually eat 100? That’s 14 a day.

You’re on. $20.

We ended up going to get Vietnamese coffee. Well, Garvin and Koli got coffee and I got juice.

After coffee was the war museum. The whole walk there, Koli flaunted his Canadianness by pointing out that Canada hadn’t gone to war against Vietnam.

The museum was surprisingly free of propaganda. They didn’t need too much of it, since plenty of atrocities occurred. Enough that Koli apologized to us in a quiet voice after we left.

Koli was up to 8 dragonfruits by now, and it was only noon. Not bad.

I don’t wanna eat any more dragonfruit, ever.

Easiest $20 ever.

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