Don't Fetishize Your Captors

See SMBC and Nick Bostrom for a longer version of my views.

I hear people talk about the necessity of death with what sounds like Stockholm Syndrome.

It’s one thing to think dying is necessary but sad, another to glorify it.

Life would have no meaning without death.

I think we say things like this because the truth is hard and it sucks that we have no control over it.

Death looms over you, and all you can do is sit there and take it.

That sucks. Wrapping it up in clever wording doesn’t change that a bit.

Doesn’t stop some people from trying, though. So I read obscenities like this:

The finitude of human life is a blessing for every individual.

But the second that people no longer have to die, I wonder if I’ll still have to hear about how necessary dying is from anyone.

It’s OK to admit you’re in a bad situation. It’s the first step to trying to escape it.

Something you’ll never do if you convince yourself that the prison is anything but that.

A prison.

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