Reading Efficiently

This post summarizes what I think are some effective ways to read with the specific goal of gaining the information written in the text as fast as possible. This should only really be done when you’re trying to learn something factual from the book, because doing this to fiction is a great way to make it unbearable to read.

The Ardabil Carpet


Computers Ruin Memory

The more traditional Aram Chantat still tended to regard literacy as a weakness, liable to undermine the imagination and the memory.

Jamie Zawinski on Backing Up Data

On Your Options

Lazy Learning

I mean lazy as in lazy evaluation, not lazy as in work ethic.

Freeish Foods

Some foods have no real (harmful) nutrition, so adding them is basically free flavor.

Vegetarian Cooking

I’m not a vegetarian, and with the sad state of vegetarian cooking in a lot of restaurants, I’ll probably not be for a while. Here’s some tips for doing it right.

Crappy Vim Advice I've Seen

I’ve seen this way too often.

Googling "Why do people die?"

Search why do people die and you get a bunch of religious groups and crap like “because Eve ate an apple”.

Tagline to describe category theory

Category theory focuses on the relations between objects. So this motto seems appropriate.

Some Harsh (And Great) Advice

From Dale Carnegie’s How To Win Friends And Influence People, said to Benjamin Franklin.

The Root Of Computation

Recursion is the root of computation since it trades description for time.

How Do Companies Rank, According To Each Other

You know how companies tend to make rather self-serving charts to show how they’re number one in their field? (even though that can’t be true for everyone)

Changing GHCi Prompt

It’s not at all necessary, but it looks super cool to quote The Venture Bros.


Shougo Matsu is scary when it comes to GitHub issues. No one, and I really do mean no one, fixes them as fast as him. And he has a lot of popular, well-maintained projects. I don’t think he even does Haskell programming, and yet he does a lot of work on an autocomplete source for it.

Vim's Real Advantage

I love emacs. The consistent interface, strong scripting language (even if elisp has dynamic scope), and easy extensibility make it a joy to use. Just off the top of my head, emacs has these applications to make it worth living in: