Buying Fish

More than any other meat, how good fish tastes depends on its freshness.

2 UNIX anti-patterns

Using visual mode in vim is often like using cat in UNIX: unnecessary. If you're uncharitable, it indicates a lack of understanding about the basic philosophy of each piece of software.

Solving Problems With Better Tools, Or How Vim Macros Are Underrated

Vim's creator, Bram Moolenaar, says his 2 favorite features of vim are macros and the "dot repeat" command.

Rigor's place in mathematics

Found in Hubbard and Hubbard's vector calculus textbook.

Analysis Is Very Lazy

I like to think of analysis as the laziest field of math, because in the end (the limit), it's all the same.

The Limit As A (Partial) Function

In math, we often say the limit of a function. This is not precise. A better phase is "the limit of a function at a point" since limits are always defined with respect to a function and a point.


Use RSS instead of going to a news website. It's better to not read news at all (trust me, you won't miss much as long as you have at least one friend). But if you must, RSS frees you from the distracting cycle of checking news. Why should you have to check for the news when it can tell you when it's available.

Commitment Contracts

Hernan Cortes would've made a good behavioral economist if he hadn't decided to be a conquistador.

Use Magit

If you're using Emacs, then I'm sure you've heard of Magit. Go read something else, like Helen DeWitt's The Last Samurai.

Fun with Vim's Filter Operator

One of Vim's lesser-known operators is !. If y, d, and v are the jocks, then c, <,and > are the theater kids, and ! is the kid who has to eat with the teachers because no one likes them.

Simple vs. Easy

There is rarely a distinction made between the following 2 terms, but I think it's useful to separate the concepts of simple and easy.

Really bad advice

This is the Hacker News post where Drew Houston presented Dropbox for the first time.

DEDRM tutorial

What this is

Why Saudi Arabia's Future Doesn't Look Good


Why do Neural Networks Have Bias Nodes?

See this great Stack Overflow answer.

What is a Tensor?