Screw the Middle

Some good advice about eating out.

25th and Potrero is the worst place in San Francisco

The fact that I can remember those streets is testament to how terrible they are.

Dirty secrets of cooking

My friends all agree that my food tastes better than theirs', even when we make the same exact dish. The reason for this is because I'm willing to kill them with my food.

Uncomputability and philosophy

This post is part interesting tidbit, part random philosophizing. It assumes some familiarity with (basic) set theory and theoretical computer science.

New research model for science

These days, basic research is typically government-funded and happens at some sort of university.


I think of gift giving as an opportunity to show someone a whole new world view. I never give anyone a gift that they would expect. If I wanted to give someone something they were expecting, I would just give them cash instead and give them the freedom to do what they want with it.

The Decision about Gay Marriage

I woke up to a better world than the one I fell asleep in.

Overloading Keys

As you might be able to tell from my post "Evolution", I've spent a decent amount of time thinking about my keyboard.

Interesting Journal Entry

From the  diary of Samuel Pepys:

Viewer Discretion Not Advised

Kids, a fun little fact is that when you grow up, you gain both the ability to do what you want and the maturity to realize that some of it may be a bad idea.

Cooking vs. Baking

I love to cook, but I hate baking.


Today, I managed to impress and possibly freak out one of my coworkers.

Handy UNIX tools

autojump and fasd are incredible. Walking the UNIX tree (OK, it's actually a DAG with symlinks) is pretty much trivial.

I'm Not Even Mad

I just got a great practical lesson on the art of salesmanship.

Writing Neater

Besides (finally) learning how to touch type, I've been training myself to write neater.

Touch Typing Progress Report and Recommendation

Two months ago, my typing speed was about 20 wpm (words per minute.) Now, I'm up to almost 50 wpm, and can do 60 in short bursts. My accuracy is pretty high. Only about 4% of my keystrokes are the wrong ones.