Book Notes: The Map of My Life by Goro Shimura

Skim this or read Halmos instead.


Just random rambling about Prague.

Way to remember the definition of local finiteness

I really struggled to remember this definition.

Romans in America

This realization blew my mind: the Roman empire lasted long enough that there were Romans who learned about the existence of America.

Realizations That Helped Me Understand Git

This is unlikely to help you understand git, but I’ve been surprised before.


This is a Pixar short that played before The Incredibles 2. The Incredibles 2 is a fun movie, but its emotions are not as deep as the first. Bao, on the other hand, will rip out your heartstrings and choke you with them.

Cute input redirection: bash vs. zsh

I ran into this answering a StackOverflow question about the best way to append 1 file to another.

When One Is Happy Just To Be Alive

It was a glorious spring day, the kind of day when all the pent-up loneliness of the night dissipates into the beautiful blue vastness of the desert sky, when the mind is free to wander or dream or think of nothing at all, when one is happy just to be alive.

More About Conceal

In my last post, I talked about using Vim conceal to create my own little syntax.

Using Vim's Conceal Feature to Make Code More Readable (For You)

Whenever someone sees my editor, this is always the first thing they ask about.

Feature Requests Aren't Always a Waste of Time

A lot of the time, users are discouraged from making feature requests to a project because the developers don’t want extra work. See here, here, and here.

Why Paul Hilfinger is Up So Late

Paul Hilfinger is famous for answering student emails in the middle of the night. No one seemed to know why he was awake that late.

REPTILE in PyTorch

A couple days ago, I decided to read OpenAI’s REPTILE paper. I decided to see how the algorithm worked in practice by implementing it for the simple case of a sine curve.

Introduction to Smooth Manifolds 1: Smooth Functions on Euclidean Space

Working on Introduction to Smooth Manifolds by Loring Tu (AKA \(L^2\)) with Charles.

What Stopped Me From Comparing Myself To Others

Sometimes good advice fails and you need a dramatic example. So here’s mine.

Working Without Music

All this time spent reading about distraction thankfully proved to be more than just another distraction.