Reverse Polish Notation Calculator

I just wrote a Reverse Polish Notation calculator. It’s beautiful. Extending a Forth compiler with new words must be a dream.

Avoid Distraction

I find it hard to resist temptation. So I don’t.

Proof that Variance is Non-Negative

\[\textbf{Var}(x) = \mathbb{E}[ (X - \mathbb{E}(X) )^2 ] = \mathbb{E}(X^2) - \mathbb{E}(X)^2\]

My LASIK Experience

1 month ago, I got LASIK. Not a lot of people seem to write about it, so here’s one to offset that a bit.

Read The Documentation

Programmers often hear “read the docs” as advice.

The First Virtue of a Programmer

This Garfield strip has a lesson in it.

How To Get Dressed Fast (For Men)


When Are Regexes Appropriate?

Regular expressions are useful enough that they’re built in to the syntax of the shell. But they’re not always the right tool. Here’s my off-the-cuff heuristics for when to use them.

From Semigroup To Group, Through Power Notation

If we consider the exponential notation used in abstract algebra, we get a nice mnemonic for semigroups, monoids, and groups:

Neil Gaiman's Advice

TL;DR Practice writing down every mildly interesting thought that comes to mind

Paradigms of Information Retrieval

What a fancy title for a simple concept.

Use Lists, Not Commas, In Technical Writing

This is an opinion, so feel free to disagree.

Native Data Types For Some Programming Languages

Every programming language has that one feature, a complicated thing intentionally made simple.

Product Review: Tim's Habanero Potato Chips

These are the 2nd best potato chips in the world.

Product Review: Blair's Death Rain Habanero Potato Chips

These are the best potato chips in the world.

Your Tools Shape You, Too

(Category of post: obvious thoughts rephrased by yet another college student.)