Notes for February 6, 2018

Spent another fun afternoon on the BART.

Notes for February 5, 2018

What I learned today:

Book Notes: The Effective Engineer

This book won’t be a substitute for mindful reflection.

2 Definitions: Computational and Abstract

In math, you notice a lot of concepts have multiple definitions, which are formally equivalent but give insight into different aspects of that concept.

My Morning Straitjacket: Model-Agnostic Meta-Learning for Fast Adaptation of Deep Networks (MAML)

Turns out American Dad already did the joke.

Compressing Neural Networks To See If They Learn

I’ve been thinking about the paper Understanding Deep Learning Requires Rethinking Generalization.

Practical Benefits of Reading Fiction

Fiction gives concrete examples of abstract lessons, and your brain doesn’t care if it’s made up.1

  1. A lot of these benefits can also be gotten from thinking deeply 

Book Notes: Decisive by Chip and Dan Heath 1

This book is about making better decisions. Unlike most books with that theme, it emphasizes thinking rationally.

Don't Fetishize Your Captors

See SMBC and Nick Bostrom for a longer version of my views.

How to Run Jupyter over SSH

Use port forwarding.

One-Handed Pottery

TLDR abstraction isn’t free or always desirable.

Memories True to Roads Anew: Dragonfruits and War Museums

Did you know Vietnamese has never had its own native alphabet? They were all based off Chinese characters.

Reward Hacking: 2nd Grade Kickball

Misalignment is when the reward function you specify induces an optimal policy that you don’t like. At least that’s how I define it.

Using Exponents to Teach 3 Basic Algebraic Structures

You can think of semigroups, monoids, and groups as the minimal structures needed to define and extend exponents.

Jaynes Notes 1

This is an opinionated and incomplete book. These are sloppy notes.

Terry Crews on Hot Ones

One of the best interviews I’ve seen. Check it out.